Our Values

We decided to follow a mission: since we care about the health of our earth, we feel compelled to protect nature, for us and our children.

Thanks to the precious cooperation of our suppliers, the task has become a wonderful reality: 

  • To meet the global change occured in the car industry, we decided to install a e-charging station completely free and available to both hotel and restaurant guests, thanks to which you can charge your electric, hybrid or plug-in car, contributing to the development of an eco -friendly hospitality.
  • To further improve our change towards an eco-friendly life , we decided to change all our
    incandescent bulbs with more long lasting LED bulbs , lowering the power consumption by 85%.
  •  We are in partnership with Acquainbrick, with which we choosed to replace the common plastic
    bottle with boxed water, entirely recyclable. The water inside this product is revolutionary in itself,
    since it undergoes a three-level purification process, resulting in a purer water with a lower fixed
    residue. Last but not least and even more revolutionary the packaging, made of 70% of plant
    renewable matter.
  • We replaced the mini-bar in our rooms with new ones provided with the new thermoelectric
    ECOFROST technology (that doesn’t use FREON gas), with a third of the electric consumption of a
    standard device.
  • We have entirely renewed our hotel amenities, thanks to ECOLABEL APOTHICALS by DAMANA
    products, made of natural ingredients, and most importantly equipped with a “Care about earth”
    plastic free packaging. Our slippers are made of bamboo and wrapped in their paper packaging,
    100% recyclable. The cups, provided for our guests in each room, are also 100% recyclable made of
    bamboo and individually packed in a corn starch bag.
  • For our restaurant we choose only raw material and organic products, from the farmer to your
    table; with this choice not only we preserve biodiversity, but also our land.

We can certainly do more and better, but our

SAVE THE PLANET starts from this choices!