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The practice of wine tasting is as old as its production, and in Grottaferrata wine has been produced since the founding of Rome and it was the Romans who developed the cultivation of vines at the Castelli. Marco Tullio Cicero had a Villa in Tuscolo and Cato in 200 AD. he wrote […] I like the vine not only its usefulness,… but also its cultivation and nature itself ”. The condition of viticulture in Lazio maintained a high level of wealth until the first century of the Roman Empire, when the vineyards began to gradually pass under the care of the monasteries and under the protection of the religious produced wine and medicinal preparations. Better enological techniques were introduced and production increased, also because, in the sixteenth century, the wine coming from the Castelli Romani area, in addition to being consumed locally, had found a large market in Rome. Strengthened by tradition, we organize tastings in the best cellars of the castles and in the best oil mills in the area where it is possible to see how the best fruits of our territory are born, ripen and are transformed into wine and oil. With the Wine tasting package you can taste the best local wines in one of the most renowned wineries in the area.

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